Full Traditional Burial Funeral

Starting at $180 per month*

Our plans include the Basic Services of a caring Funeral Director and Staff, Transfer of loved one into our Care, Embalming, Cosmetizing, Dressing, Casketing of remains. Most plans have a Casket Allowance & include a Vault. (Prices vary based on Casket and Vault selection) Funeral Bulletins, Register Book, Public Viewing/Visitation, Funeral Ceremony at a Church or our Chapel, and the interment, and include all staff and vehicles necessary for these services. Please work with one of our directors for a direct quote according to your wishes.

(Does not include things we may agree to pay on your behalf, such as obituaries in newspapers, cemetery fees, taxes on merchandise or certified death certificates)

(Vaults Can Be Ordered In The Color To Match The Casket. )

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*Subject to credit review and approval by Huntington Valley Bank.  Cash advances, merchandise and services may be added at additional cost.